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Available Great Danes for Adoption

Available for Adoption

Great Danes

"Arctic" - Harlequin male puppy - adorable and sweet with Sapphire blue eyes

"Enzo" - Fawn male puppy - huge and incredible

"Scooby Pepper" - Chocolate Merle male puppy

"Diesel" - Gorgeous Harlequin male puppy - topaz blue eyes - so loving and sweet - a dream baby of a giant!

"Oscar" - HUGE spectacular Giant Black male puppy - incredible, energetic and loving - the racehorse showdog look, long and very leggy!

"Guiniviere" - Gorgeous Harlequin female puppy
so adorable and sweet - loves everyone - well trained and playful and totally blind.  But it doesn't slow her down one little bit. The world is hers and she is ready to meet and greet the world. She would make a great 'therapy dog' to teach all that we have only opportinities not disabilities!

"Foxy Roxy" - Giant Harlequin female - gorgeous supermodel of a big girl - likes to play hard and loves everyone - needs an active friend doggy companion ready to wrestle

"Adonis" - Gorgeous Fawn male baby puppy - somehow wound up at a shelter with his back foot amputated - he is doing great now - gets around wonderfully. Our specialist vet is looking at the possibilty of a prosthectic foot so that he will be able to use his leg completely.

"Maduro" - Gorgeous Dark Chocolate female with cropped ears - young and sweet - raised with little kids and loves everyone - a true gentle giant

"Pebbles" - Giant Silver Merle Mantle female with cropped ears - HUGE and tall and wide as a Big, BIG girl can be!  She is an incredible sight to see!

"Princess Dianna" - Beautiful and sweet Mantle female Great Dane - was shy, but is now very friendly, loving and playful - needs a sensitive home to give her the chance to be all that she can be!

"Hercules - Handsome Fawn male puppy - very outgoing and playful, though sweet and cuddly, too

"Harley" - Gorgeous unusually marked Harlequin female Great Dane - looks just like our own baby 9 1/2 year old Harlequin 'Wonder Woman" who greets everyone here and can be seen in photos and videos all over our website. "Harley" came here about a week ago with her seven 5 day old puppies who are about as gorgeous and sweet and full of love and puppy breath as any Great Dane puppies could ever be. There are three Harlequins and four Mantles that will be seeking the best adoptive homes on earth as soon as they are ready.  They are:

         "D'Artagnan" - named for the well known Musketeer - he is a big and swashbucking baby always ready for action - he is too cute

         "Goddess - Gorgeous Harlequin female puppy - has blue eyes and lots of spots like the other Harlie puppies - she is definitely a Goddess in training just waiting for a great family to love and worship her for life

         "Avalon" - Handsome Harlequin male puppy with lots of spots and incredible markings - he is so cute and plump and always ready to roll over for a belly rub

         "Diva" - Gorgeous Mantle female with mood lamp markings - big white areas and bold coloring - she is definitely a Diva to be and knows what a star that she is

         "Kalliope" - as beautiful as the greek Goddess she is named after - she has a beautiful puppy voice and in greek Mythology, she was a goddess of epic poetry and eloquence, one of the nine muses

         "Prometheus" - Gorgeous Mantle puppy male as cute and playful and baybish as can be - he loves to roll over and give baby woofs and baby Jowel Kisses

         "Maximillion" - Adorable Mantle male baby puppy - full of a maximum dose of puppy love and baby Jowel Kisses!

"Diesel" - Huge Black male puppy - gorgeous hunk of a guy who loves everyone!

"Noodle" - Harlequin male young

"Emmy" - Black female young - loves everyone

"Roxy" - Black female young

"Samson" - Merlequin male young

"Drake" - Mantle male young

"Cody" - Black male young

"Ellie Mae" - Harlequin female young

"Darcy" - Huge Black Female adult loves having a child to be her best friend - just as sweet and large and loving as a Great Dane can be!

"Max" - Black male adult - loving and playful

"Gigi" - Fawn female adult cropped ears - loving and sweet

"Snowflake" - Fawn DogoDane (
Great Dane Dogo Argentino mastiff) - female young - very sweet, playful and loving

"Lizzie" - Fawnequin Great Dane Greyhound female baby

"Lilly" - Wheaton Great Dane Irish Wolfhound female puppy

"Mivvie" - Red Wheaton Great Dane Irish Wolfhound female puppy - even bigger than her sister "Lilly" - bigger now than a full grown Great Dane and still growing - gorgeous Wolfish Coat and the coolest Whiskery Wolfish smile

"Stanley" - Wheaton Irish Wolfhound Great Dane English Mastiff male puppy

"Selene" - Brindle Female Great Dane mix baby puppy - cute and sweet came with a Bernese Mountain dog, so she loves having a Gentle giant friend

"Ailannah" - Wheaten Fawn Brindle baby female puppy Great Dane Irish Wolfhound English Mastiff - one of the cutest Whiskery Wolfhound smiles ever matched only by her sister "Ciara" - paws as large as oven mits!

"Ciara" - Red Fawn Wheaten baby female puppy Great Dane Irish Wolfhound English Mastiff - one of the cutest Whiskery Wolfhound smiles ever matched only by her sister"Ailannah" - and she has an extra cute sense of humor!


Available Great Danes for Adoption

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